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  • Improving Communication in UX

    Improving Communication in UX

    This month it was my second opportunity to host a #UXchat on twitter and I hope this was better than the first one. We had a lot of people joining the conversation and we had some really nice ideas surfacing. But I better let you judge by yourselves, here are the highlights of the event.

  • Dark UI and how it can influence us emotionally 

    Dark UI and how it can influence us emotionally 

    Obviously, as you all have seen lately, we are witnessing some kind of trend forming called Dark UI. More websites and apps are racing to offer a darker version as well.

  • Failure in UX

    Failure in UX

    Hey, I am glad I started this blog and I will try to make this a habit and post new articles as often as I can. I am new to blogging and writing, so don’t be too harsh on me. Let me tell you about this first post and what is it all about. I…

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